Monday, March 24, 2014

Reflections on Blogging

First Blog Post


Post-Script: Another change that's taken place during the last eight years of this blog's life is that the place of blogging within the greater sphere of social media has been displaced by other, more abbreviated forms of communication that are less able to hold the attention of a potential audience longer than 140 character-long snippets. Not that tweeting and Instagram are a bad thing, but that they're a different thing from blogging, which remains, in my view, the best way for a person such as myself to present a more detailed, essay-like collection of thoughts to a wider audience.

This week I've switched out the Olivetti Underwood 21 for the Royal Mercury, my beach typing machine. It's compact and lightweight, but is also a bit more tinny-sounding in operation. Also, the caps need their vertical position adjusted, something I've yet to attempt on this model of typewriter. Also, the lead-in image was a "screen print" from my iPad (you press the home and power buttons simultaneously and it copies the screen to the tablet's camera roll).


Blogger Rob Bowker said...

Typecasting is double edged. A joy to make (and read) but a devil to search. The on-page search for labels/tags seems pretty useless and random but works fairly well from within blogger admin if you put in tags in the first place. I'm blown away by some of the thing I got out of my system using a typewriter and disappointed in myself for posting others. On balance, I'm not complaining and since my activity brought me to your activity - I'm all the richer for the experience. I appreciate your economy, tone and especially the way you colour in the picture of a land far, far away. I enjoy the distilled prose constrained by a single sheet.

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