Monday, July 14, 2014

Can You Ever Go Home Again, Toto?



Post-Script: Mention should be made of this recent blog article about the Bic Cristal, within which is mentioned Little Flower Petals' own recent blog article.

My brother's writing methods are worth mentioning. As I indicated, he uses Bic Cristal pens (usually blue) on lined filler paper or spiral notebooks. Having a quick, bold print, and being a fast writer, he's taken to writing on both sides of the paper, but with one important novelty. First, he skips every other line, giving himself room for edits and revisions. Second, he staggers the order of the lines on the reverse side, such that the imprint from one side's writing shows through on the blank lines of the other side. Simple, effective and rather ingenious, a necessity for someone who's taken to writing and editing in longhand on paper.

As I sat down at the steam-powered desktop PC to crank out this blog article, I picked up some anonymous promotional pen waiting for me beside the keyboard; it wrote much worse than the Bic Cristal, further testament to Mssr. Bich's invention. While I don't intend on giving up my fountain pens anytime soon (in fact, I need to rotate out my Lamy Safari for the Pelikan), I suspect these humble Bic pens will become a regular part of my writerly life.

Photo via Lumix G5 and the 20mm-f/1.7 lens wide open; typecast via Hermes Rocket (which performed spectacularly today, no issues at all, aside from my typographical errors).


Blogger Bill M said...

When it comes to brass tacks or carpet nails it is hard to defame the venrable Bic Crystal when one needs a pen.
Remember when they were 19 cents?

4:07 PM  
Blogger teeritz said...

The humble Bic Cristal fully deserves it's place in ballpoint history. Having just gotten a Fisher AG7 Space Pen, I was once again reminded of how much nicer the flow of ink is from a plastic Bic. A much smoother writer than vastly more expensive pens on the market. In fact, I often think that brands such as Mont Blanc and Pelikan should just stick to fountain pens and leave the ballpoints to Bic. But it's all about commerce, isn't it?

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Jer said...

Heck, I can remember when the BIC had an all-metal tip, not just the point, but the whole tip that inserted into the crystal part.

12:11 PM  
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