Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hanx a Lot!



Post-Script: I like this app, and after purchasing the "Writer's Block" of upgrades, the other two virtual machines are neat, too. I did print out my initial test document from my iPad2 to my HP B/W laser via WiFi network, and it printed nicer than I thought it would. Of course, being a PDF and with little or no formatting capability for such a printed document, the results were pretty good. It looks like, when printing a hardcopy, it somehow autofits the document to a standard sheet of printer paper.

I was also wondering about "saving" these documents as you work on them. I'm assuming here that, like many other iOS writing apps, the document gets saved as you type, or before you exit or turn off the device. Of course, a new document gets a new title, too.

My wife, whose judgement I always trust, says she likes this app. Myself, I'm holding onto the belief that it'll serve as a "gateway drug" for many newcomers into the world of physically real, manual typewriters. And that's not such a bad thing ... except it could serve to further inflate the prices of machines on the seller's market.

Photo via Lumix G5, typecast via Hermes Rocket. Which, by thee way, Tom Hanks mentioned the Hermes Rocket in his New York Times piece from a while back (August 3, 2013 - over a year ago!).

Also, reading some of the online reviews of this new app, there are decidedly mixed opinions. While many expound on the quaintness of the manual typewriter simulation, most every writer applauded the more "modern" conveniences in writing brought about by computers and such, insinuating Hanx Writer to be something less than that. Still, I hang onto Tom's initial reasoning for creating this app, which is to help writers slow down and concentrate on the writing itself. I'm certain we won't hear the last from Hanx Writer.


Blogger Richard P said...

I think you're right, its main value is as a gateway to the real, mechanical thing. Which is all right.

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