Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pancakes & Giant Bugs



Post-Script: As a way of demonstrating the normalcy of having typewriters around when visiting the grandparents, my young grandson informed his teacher via a grade-school assignment that he would like to give me more typewriters, if he could find them. This seems entirely logical to his young mind, though I do wonder what the teacher thinks about all this talk of typewriters. Perhaps a time will make itself available in the future where I can do a "show-and-tell" for his classroom about my typewriter collection.

Luckily, no bug parts found there way into our breakfast pancakes - that we know of - as we have not as yet displayed any symptoms. And the grasshopper was successfully returned to his natural (so-to-speak) environs.

Photo via Lumix G5 (of mini-pancake remnants, NOT bug parts), typecast via Olympia SM-9 De Luxe.


Blogger Bill M said...

Sounds like you had a nice breadkfast adventure, and the pancakes still turned out to be tasty.

I wonder if his teacher is old enough to have ever seen or used a typewriter.

Nice typeface on the SM9.

6:15 AM  

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