Monday, December 22, 2014

Smith-Corona Silent Night



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Post-Script: I'm not even sure I felt this one coming, like the Typewriter Bone kept silent (in keeping with the machine's name), just for added holiday surprise. I'd say the condition of this one is near-pristine, the only issues of note being: the ribbon vibrator intermittently hanging up a bit when switching from red back to black; the imprint of some characters are not as bold as I'd like; and the letters don't all line up evenly. But not bad for the age which, according to the serial number as referenced on the Typewriter Database, dates it to 1949. The feel of the keyboard is really excellent, one of the best in my collection. The touch control had been set to "L" (low), but I increased it to "4".

On the way home, after coffee, I stopped in at John Lewis's Business Systems to get a new red/black ribbon, and found out that Brown & Smith, the only other typewriter shop in the city, is now out of business.

Photo via Lumix G5 (sitting atop my workshop stool under the backdoor awning, a gentle winter rainstorm adding to the seasonal gloominess); typecast via Smith-Corona Silent.


Blogger Walter said...

Gorgeous. I too am often pulled toward the sexier lines and colors of later machines, but this Silent has got it all going on! The art deco lines and subtle contrasts make this one a sure classic, nice find! Merry Christmas to you. ~TH~

2:26 AM  

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