Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hermes 3000 - Followup


Post-Script: Note the green brackets to either side of the space bar. Here's a close-up:


This came out about as well as I could have expected, with minimal alteration to the body panels and while still permitting me to take it apart, should it need more service in the future.

Taking this machine apart and putting it back together again intact is a real lesson in both patience and frustration. The rear of the upper body half has to be precariously bent to release the clips from the bottom half; it will only do that so many times before something else breaks. I still don't have the exact procedure down. One result was the right side carriage cover panel snapped in two, but you'd never notice it from the back of a moving horse. But it serves as caution against the idea of converting the chassis back and forth between "chopper" and fully-clad typewriter. I suppose the dream of a naked typewriter will have to wait for another day. Unless, that is, I absolutely need to address some internal problem and the body panels just happen to break in the process.

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Blogger Richard P said...

What a lovely typeface. Type on!

11:31 AM  
Blogger Ted said...

heh, wood body is still an option, but a nice fix anyway (:

2:19 PM  

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