Monday, May 14, 2018

More Tabletop Tripods, Adobe Rose and Thermal Fax Paper

Adobe Rose, Howling Coyote, thermal fax paper and holder
More Tabletop Tripods

Post-Script: Here's the newly crafted tripod with Lumix GH3 and 7Artisan 25 lens affixed atop a Joby ball head. Note the tension cable (actually twine) for making the tripod's stance stable, using the weight of the camera itself, without the need for locking hardware at each leg joint:

New Tabletop Tripod Design

Here's the larger wooden version of the Ultrapod II, with crude handmade bullhead prototype. I trust it for supporting an auxiliary video light more than an expensive camera. The two secondary legs spread apart to 90 degrees from the primary leg, thus not requiring any locking hardware at the leg joints or tension cable:

Inspired by Ultrapod Design, Plus Crude Ballhead

The cost of the hardware store knobs was more than the rest of the project combined, since the wooden bits were from my scrap bin.

Here's the newly crafted paper roll holder for 8.5" wide thermal (or other) paper rolls. It's designed to rest behind the machine, with the rear feet resting on the rubber pad (or the bottom edge upon the front ledge), with a hearty leader of paper draped behind the work table, permitting enough slack for the carriage's side-to-side movement:

Paper Roll Holder

In the top photo you can see my Royal QDL (named Adobe Rose), with companion howling coyote, mounted atop the paper roll holder.

Here's a video about using thermal paper rolls in typewriters:

I should mention that the nice, dark imprint from the typecast above (written on the backside of a thermal fax paper roll, on the Royal QDL) is due to a new old-stock silk typewriter ribbon, gifted to me by my friend Kevin. In the above video I'd erroneously attributed the dark imprint to the thermal fax paper itself.

And here's the video about the updated tripod project:

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Blogger Bill M said...

Nice work on the tripod and paper roll holder. I used to have an ultrapod. What I liked about it is I could take off the head and fasten it to a car door window for a make-shift tripod for landscapes. It go lost and I never replaced it even though I found it quite handy.

5:23 AM  
Blogger Richard P said...

You are an ingenious man.

3:37 PM  

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