Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Road Typing

Common Grounds Coffee Shop in Payson, AZ

Post-Script: We arrived home this evening after enduring a loooong line of traffic in Gallup, NM, due to a traffic accident; it added about an hour to our trip.

It was nice having the Rocket back, after Bill did his magic to it. I did a bit of journal typing at the hotel breakfast room before we left. One of the wait staff stopped and told me she loved the sound of the machine, and was surprised at how small it is. Along the way we stopped in at Common Grounds Coffee in Payson, AZ for a cuppa, where I worked a bit on this article, during which a fellow patron also commented on the typewriter. She mentioned that she had an old pink Corona back home, I encouraged her to break it out and start using it.

While my wife drove the first leg of the journey back home, I tried writing in my journal (with the new Rotring 600 mechanical pencil), but the vehicle's movement made my handwriting even more sloppy than normal. Another good reason to do road typing instead. I like the feel of the machine on my lap, as I pause, look out the window and think about my next line of text. There's no hurry, as the miles fly by; and the machine is plenty patient - it's not like batteries are being spent.

It was great seeing Ted, Bill, Cameron and Erik again. This business of smuggling typewriters back-and-forth across the Continental Divide could get risky, but no black helicopters were noted. I prefer the drive rather than flying, despite the time it takes, as I don't want to risk flying with typewriters; plus, there's more junk you can stuff in your car than what the airlines would allow you to take onboard.

Okay, time to start uploading video footage and see what kind of story I can piece together.


We brought our entire espresso kit with us. Because that's what you can do when you drive instead of fly. When you're coffee snobs like us!

Holbrook, AZ
Holbrook, AZ

Sometimes it's the little things that count. (Holbrook, AZ)

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Blogger Bill M said...

Congratulations on the fun and successful trip.

2:24 AM  
Blogger Indro said...

Great story, I like my little hermes too, I take it with me on the train when I go to work.. A bit to shy to take it out but it Wil happen soon.. Greetings from the Netherlands, Indro

4:41 PM  
Blogger Richard P said...

Sounds like a great little adventure.

6:47 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

Thanks for coming, we had a blast, and I see you got a great interview together from the footage you shot! :D

9:16 PM  

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