Wednesday, July 17, 2019

On Storming Area 51

“Storming Area 51”
“Storming Area 51”

Post-Script: I've found some pretty good reporting on these issues over at The War Zone. Here's an article about these Navy UFO encounters - be sure and follow the links to an earlier article about the USS Nimitz incident. And here's an article about the Navy and patents for advanced propulsion concepts.

I'm suspicious of many of these stories, but maintain an open mind. But the proton beam device presents an interesting explanation for many of these phenomena. Here's one blogger's explanation on how they might work.

It's important to use common sense when dealing with these stories. Occam's razor is often quoted as applying to these situations. But sometimes reality is more complex than we can know or predict, hence the need to remain skeptical but openminded.

Getting back to this current meme of storming Area 51, there's good evidence to suggest that would be an unwise decision. Not only are the security forces armed with conventional weaponry, but may also possess pain-inducing microwave weapons for crowd-control, supposedly developed at the US Air Force's Directed Energy Directorate, here in ABQ.

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Blogger Bill M said...

I've been watching the Storm Area 51 postings over the past few days. I still believe the Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone. Oh, did I mention one of my favorite debate topics in college? UFOs.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

I'm pretty sure the "storming Area 51" thing is 4-Chan's experiment in seeing how many morons they can get killed in one day - I understand the current top bet is 4:1 on 600+-20.

9:53 AM  
Blogger DonN said...

Let's not forget they left a guy on the moon 50 years ago tomorrow.. but that's a big secret!(he was a midget with a terminal disease).

12:29 PM  

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