Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fall 2019 ABQ Type-Out and Torpedo 18

Torpedo Typewriter

I'm past due for a blog update, so here's a combined posting including two separate pieces.

fall type out

Several weeks ago we had our fall Type-Out event hosted by Pennysmiths Paper. Here' my report, typed on Adobe Rose, the Royal QDL:

“Fall 2019 Type-Out”

Here's my video of the event:

Several weeks ago I received from JJ Short & Sons the re-covered platen for my Torpedo 18, that Kevin Kittle had given me a few months ago. This machine was in less than pristine condition. I spent the last few days working on installing the platen and getting the machine back to good working order. Here's my report:

“Dive, Dive”

And here's the video on servicing the Torpedo:

If I interpret the data correctly, the Typewriter Data Base indicates this machine was made in 1961. By appearance and comparing with photos on eBay I'm pretty sure it's a model 18. The machine came with no case or literature, though the rear plate indicates Remington Rand, made in Western Germany.

I like the feel of the keys and the action. Hopefully it'll remain a reliable machine to use, which implies I need to put it through its paces, as often with these extensive repairs, especially ones involving the escapement, it's best to reserve judgement until you've spent some time with the machine, as intermittent problems can arise. For example, since creating the video, I've noticed the carriage is a bit sluggish when tabbing, evidence that the tab brake needs more degreasing. And that newly opened brown nylon ribbon is a bit light of imprint; I'm thinking of swapping it for a black/red. I happen to have some adding machine ribbons that I want to try out. These are shorter than the standard 16 yard typewriter ribbon, and come in smaller sized plastic spools, so I'll have to do some respooling; but they're supposed to be heavier inked than typewriter ribbons. I'd like to see if the light imprint is the machine or the ribbon.

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Blogger Bill M said...

Congratulations on the type-Out, and the fine looking Torpedo.
Keep your eye open at the thrift shops for small Samsonite suit cases. I found some very similar to ones used by General Radio for instrumentation cases, and some a bit larger. Without much modifications they make handy substitute typewriter cases for a few dollars.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Mary E said...

Thank you for a very enjoyable post and two very good videos - lots of good tips. Also, congratulations on getting that escapement back together!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Richard P said...

Torpedo 18s are among the best. Congrats on a successful type-out!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Text Book Timbo said...

Nice ppost

1:20 PM  

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