Sunday, March 22, 2020

How is Everyone?


Using your time well implies always having something to do -- or does it? Perhaps in order to maintain a healthy mindset we must also schedule time to do nothing -- or nothing specific. Goofing off is a form of adult play, and play is absolutely essential.

This implies a schedule -- of activities and also free time, undefined.

I have some things to do this weekend. There's my Afghan Box Camera project, it needs a new paper safe and an internal battery-powered light source for contact printing. Then it needs to be put to practice, to see if these "up-" grades do indeed go the right direction.

I also have an urge to create at least several videos. I want to do a typewriter-themed video, and also something more like a video poem or essay, something less categorical.

Just in the time it's taken me to craft this article, I've been helping my grandson set up his new GoPro kit for vlogging, showing him the best settings for his camera, tips on battery usage, etc. I've also been giving him tips about framing his shots in terms of both composition and timing; giving enough space on both ends of the clip for editing, while ensuring he has just the right amount of headroom in his selfie-shots. But the real learning curve for him will in be the editing, it's an entirely other kind of skillset from videography. But I think he'll have fun with it, and perhaps all those films he's seen will inform his movie-making.

The notebook shot above was after I'd visited Ethan Moses last week and we put his new paper trimmer to work. It will cut a phonebook's worth of paper in one swipe, so will be great for making professionally finished notebooks like this one, my first hand-stitched book, that now is almost too precious to use -- but use it I will, as soon as I finish my little stapled version, that is.

I try to start these articles with an opening image that somehow relates to the subject matter. I'm not sure this one does, unless you dive deep enough into your inner psychology. I'll leave it up to you to figure out. In the meanwhile, stay well and take care.

Typecast via Brother EP-43 thermal typewriter.



Blogger Richard P said...

This plague isn't going to annihilate humanity, but it may kill some 2% of human beings and bring about a Second Great Depression. Tough times that none of us saw coming just a few months ago. But maybe this will help us learn to love the people who really matter, and do the things that really matter. Take care.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Richard P said...

Oh — and help us learn to be decent to our fellow humans, even if we don't love them!

4:25 PM  
Blogger Bill M said...

We've got to cooperate to beat this virus. I hope the cooperation is longer lasting than that after 9-11-01.
In the mean time I've got a few new to me books to read, movies to watch with Mrs. M, and some typing.
Keep safe and healthy.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

Stay well and creative! (:

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Gregory Short said...

"Strange days have found us/Strange days have tracked us down/They're going to destroy/Our casual joys/We shall go on playing/Or find a new town" -- "Strange Days" by The Doors

I find it hard to believe that Earth is the only planet in the whole universe teeming with life. So I do like to believe there are other life forms out there. I've often wondered if we would even recognize some as "life" by our standards.

I'm currently uploading a video about the EP5, a thorough review. And let's just say it gets two thumbs up from me. I am glad to see you are using the EP43. I know the PA-1050 came out on tops with your scoring, but is the EP43 still your favorite?

I hope you and the wife are well.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

I hope you show a few photos of that paper cutter used to trim your book. And don't call it a notebook, it is far more than a notebook. Years ago, I got to use a giant paper trimmer. It had a clamp that pressed down on the stack, and a 6 foot rod for the operating handle. They used to buy oversized paper, and trim it into letter size. Phil in Phoenix

12:24 PM  
Blogger kistone said...

deae joe i just brought a old underwood type writer , and hv problem of carriage not staying when pushed back. can i fix that easyly? i wanted to send a video of problem i am having thank you

11:43 PM  
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