Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Cherry Hills Library Type-In Review

(Poem by Monique Olivia, written during the recent Cherry Hills Type-In)

This poem's been sitting on my studio table for a few weeks. It was given to me by its author, Monique Olivia, who wrote it during the recent Type-In we had, here in ABQ, at a local library. I've been known to collect the so-called detritus of Type-Ins, missives or seemingly random words typed on scraps of paper, then left behind like dried leaves in the autumn. Some of it rings with a faint flicker of recognition, others are so juvenile or prurient as to be immediately cast off into the recycle bin. But gems like Monique's are special, hence the reason why I wanted to post it here.

(I can recognize this clever quip from a previous Type-In; yes, we have repeat attendees!)

I was trying to recognize the typeface of the machine Monique used to type her poem, I think it's the Corona Standard, but am not entirely certain.

(All the machines visible on these tables are from my collection. I made certain to include my two standards, the KMM and Underwood 5, both of which proved popular)

(This Olympia and custom painted dark blue Smith-Corona behind it are lovely to look at and type on)

(Here I'm showing a lady how to use her Royal Futura, with some fun stickers)

(This gal was very enthusiastic and was actively looking to see which kind of machine she'd like to get for herself)

(I was surprised at the enthusiasm of the young people. This young lady was very intent on mastering the art of typing, using a variety of machines)

(More enthusiastic typists)

(Even more enthusiasm)

(Old and young working together)

(I'm amazed at this young man's color coordination!)

(This was left for me as a gift by an unknown donor. This typing instruction manual is from 1952. I've been wanting one of these; thank you, whomever you are!)

I appreciate all the folks who attended, and am looking forward to our next event.


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Amazing gathering - lookit all them peoples! (:

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