Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh, Brother!



Post-Script: After bashing this piece out last night, this morning I took the little blue dude back out to my work bench, to see if I could affect some positive change in its operation. I ended up doing a bit more degreasing, then applied a tiny bit of light machine oil to a few key linkages, along with the carriage bearings. The results are that the touch control adjustment now has some effect, meaning I can set it to the "L" (light) setting and get a better feel to the action. Also, the carriage now moves a little easier, more in line with my other Japanese portable, the Silver Seiko-made Royal Mercury. Finally, a bit of spray-on car wax and this little gem sparkles.

I have several more typecasts already done, from last night's session, that involve more of my late friend, mentioned in this article. Stay tuned.


Blogger Steve K said...

They're nicer to look at than to use. I have a similarly sport "De Luxe". Mine lacks the touching backstory that yours has.

12:53 AM  
Blogger Ted said...

ahh, the good old XL-747, nice example of the deluxe JP-1. I like mine very much, I expect you'll get good use out of it. (:

10:35 AM  

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