Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Family Type-In



Post-Script: I decided, an hour or so before the guests were to arrive for Christmas Eve dinner, to set up a typewriter for the various family members and guests to type a holiday greeting upon. A command decision was made to employ the Underwood Universal, which served admirably, though some family members, unaccustomed to manual typewriters, were aghast at the thought of there being no exclamation mark or number 1 key. (I explained that to make an exclamation mark you first type a period, then backspace and type an apostrophe.) After being shown how hard they must hit the keys in order to make a good imprint upon the paper, most of them got on with the machine just fine. In fact, my oldest brother, who has had an electric Hermes since the early 1970s, was immediately struck with how neat it felt to type on a manual machine, which he evidently hasn't used in decades, if not forever.

I received a great surprise gift, my other brother gave me his recently purchased Sony A390 DSLR kit, including a great wireless flash. He just lost interest in photography, and figured the kit would be better served with me. I'm still kind of in shock at his generosity, but then that's what Christmas is about. I took the liberty this morning of fiddling with the camera, and both these photos were taken with the Sony. The typecast image was a crop from a larger sized file.


Blogger Richard P said...

Good idea to set up the typewriter. Merry Christmas!

2:48 PM  
Blogger said...

What a terrific idea!

5:24 PM  

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