Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kill Line



Post-Script: The George J. Maloof Memorial Airpark, on the western edge of Albuquerque, I've been visiting since the early 1970s, before all the explosive housing development on that side of town. It's a place where one's memories of the place remain especially vivid, especially on a day like this, devoid of any other human presence save for the facility itself.

In the top photo, you can see along the horizon in the distance the extinct volcanoes that are part of the landscape of Albuquerque.

Typecast via Underwood Universal, top photo via Fuji X10, image of typing via Sony A390.

Addenda: I might add that, in the last few years, model aeronautics has progressed from a field once populated solely by model aircraft hobbyists to governments and corporations raining both death and surveillance from on high via what are now termed "drones." They will always remain to me model aircraft, though there will always remain some version of the Kill Line.


Blogger Bill M said...

I'm glad drones are still illegal in the USA. One day the police or government will get them approved to spy on us.

I do like model aircraft though. I never got involved in remote control flying. I did enjoy watching the flyers at Ft. Lee Virginia though.

There is a local club here,, but I never ventured to the airport on the week ends to watch.

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