Sunday, May 25, 2014

Justifiable Reasons



Post-Script: Best wishes to all who served, their friends, family and comrades.

Top image of my dad, Chester Van Cleave (right), in Egypt during WWII. He was an aircraft mechanic, working on P-40s and P-41s, assigned to an American fighter squadron attached to General Montgomery's army in North Africa. I only found out, after his death in 2007 and while cleaning out his affairs, that he had been awarded two bronze stars. Which he never bragged about, or even mentioned.

In 1963, with three young boys and a civil service job, his wife passed away. He always remained a hero to me, for his service to our country in the war, and what he did as a father to keep the family together after tragedy struck. The greatest generation, indeed.

Typecast via Hermes Rocket. I did some more work to the new Rocket today, including adding some thin brass tubes as sleeves to four of the linkages that actuate the carriage escapement bar, so that now all of the keys will reliably move the carriage with light finger pressure. This has additionally enhanced the typing feel of the machine so as to be the favorite of my small collection.


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