Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Video: Holga Harman Selfies

Holga Harman Selfie

I've been at it again, making small, direct-positive prints in Holga film cameras and then documenting the technique in an instructional video, uploaded to You Tube.

Why do I like doing this? Well, for one, the whole process of exposing and processing silver gelatin paper images as an in-camera film is so fun and rewarding in itself that a person could easily satisfy their creative urges. But recording video with a camera like the micro-4/3 Lumix G5, then editing the production in iMovie on the iPad, is entirely different but equally fun and satisfying. Together, these two creative pastimes are too fun not to share with others.

About the phenomenon of "selfies" - the making of self-portraits - while they might seem overly self-indulgent, they do serve one practical purpose, that being a means for learning the art of portraiture. Many of us dabble with our photographic art in private, and thus using ourselves as subjects becomes a convenient method of pursuing a process of self-instruction toward further creative development.

Top photo via Lumix G5 of a Holga Harman selfie taped down upon glass to dry.


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