Monday, December 29, 2014

Video Production Notes

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Post-Script: Despite the limitations of the iOS/iMovie platform, and the occasional frustration working around the Apple/Google imbroglio, I find it very liberating from the old model of video editing on a PC with some editing software that typically requires the resources of some online discussion forum in order to learn from others those special ways of working around the inevitable glitches and bugs that seem intrinsic to Window-based editing software. Neither have I ever had to reboot or restart the iPad2/iMovie platform; it's very stable and bug-free, something that attracted me to these devices in the first place.

The "update" from iOS version 5 to version 6 seemed to add some further difficulty, making it less glitch-free and requiring some creative work-arounds when doing seemingly innocuous tasks like commenting to other bloggers, like having to compose a comment first in the Notes app, then copy/pasting the comment directly into the blog's comment field - it seems the iOS update is very buggy around deleting/editing text in a comment field. And having an older hardware platform like the iPad2, I've decided not to "upgrade" to iOS 8, as reports from the experience of others indicates my tablet lacks the performance to adequately run the new OS.

Typecast via Smith-Corona Silent.


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