Sunday, September 13, 2015


Vancouver, B.C.


Post-Script: Our Canadian hotel experience has spoiled us, though we still must watch our budget accordingly. But it's the little things, like the politeness and professionalism of the staff, the quality of the food, china and tableware instead of plastic.

We were discussing this yesterday, how we've experienced both ends of the lodging quality spectrum. There's a fine balance to be struck between niceties and expense, and that's what we're hoping to achieve on our return to New Mexico.

Photo via Fujifilm X10; I've hardly used the bigger Lumix camera for this trip, which has me rethinking my future involvement with the micro-four thirds camera format.

The little Hermes Rocket is holding up fine, though my photos of the typings vary in quality due to substandard room lighting. And thus far my fountain pen ink is holding up, as well.


Blogger Richard P said...

Looks like a great, refreshing voyage.

8:36 PM  

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