Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Afghan Box Camera Update


Afghan Box Camera Selfie, Harman Direct Positive Paper
The Hipstamatically soft thumbnail image for the video

Post-Script: This was an enjoyable project to work with again, as was the video edit itself. I hope to provide more updates as they warrant; hopefully a bit more timely than the year and a half gap since the project's inception.

This marks the first time I've used my Android tablet for video production, enabled only after an extensive period of fiddling around yesterday. I had to purchase a video editing app, learn to work it, then figure out how to transfer files from my camera. What ended up working the easiest and quickest was simply to transfer the camera's micro-SD card to the tablet.

Transfering and managing files on the tablet was only possible with a file transfer and management app, also acquired yesterday. Once the video edit was completed and finalized, I had problems uploading the video to YouTube via the tablet's browser, something I've been able to consistently do with my iOS devices. I ended up wiring the tablet to my desktop PC via USB and transferring the finished movie to its hard-drive, after which it was relatively painless to get it online. So while it worked, it isn't conducive for video production on the road, which will have to rely on the iOS platforms instead.

It's all too easy to get inundated in the minutia of the technology and forget what the purpose is for, which is why I like solutions that are less error-prone. The only advantage the Android tablet offers me is an expanded memory size, since I can use external SD cards instead of, in the case of iOS devices, having to rely on their internal, unexpandable memory.

Typecast via Olivetti Underwood 21, the subject of a recent episode of the Typewriter Video Series. And I liked using once again the green engineering grid paper.

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