Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Typing Assignment No.7

Here we are with Typing Assignment No.7. Our last assignment was to write about a notable person in your life, and we had some very interesting stories. This new assignment is to "Climb the Highest Mountain." Describe a time in your life when you achieved something significant, or overcame a major obstacle. Or perhaps you did climb a literal mountain!

I'd like to think that story telling is the essence of writing; humans have been telling stories since the beginning of human history. And what better source of good stories than one's life experience. Perhaps this is why so many legendary writers also lived colorful, story-filled lives themselves.

For this new assignment, you'll dig into your life's experience and find something significant that you achieved, or a major problem you overcame. Perhaps you might think you've never accomplished much, never tackled some significant feat that's worthy of note. But to ourselves, in our internal life experience, many things loom large that might otherwise be seen as insignificant to others. Our job as writers is to communicate the magnitude of our internal experience to others in a way that they can appreciate; to enable them to enter into our personal experience.

I also like these kinds of writing assignments because they force us to dig deep into our selves, and in the process perhaps find something that might surprise us. I hope you find some personal reward in this work. Myself, I don't yet know that I'll write about, but am certain something will surface.

As in previous assignments, post a legible image of your typewritten piece to a publicly-accessible photo hosting site; then post the link to that image either in the comments section below, in the comments to the YouTube video, or email the image to me at:

I look forward to reading and sharing your work. Have fun, dig deep and climb that mountain!



Blogger andrew nicholls said...

Hi Joe! Here is my assignment number 7. The blog article also has a pic and a video of my poetry performance so feel free to check it out!
All the best Joe! Keep the vids coming, excellent as always.

1:27 PM  
Blogger andrew nicholls said...

Oh, and my assignment number 7 was written on an early 1950's Hermes Baby. Forgot to mention that!!

3:39 PM  
Blogger David Randall said...

Hi Joe,
This is the sort of mountain lots of people have had to climb, more than once:

10:00 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

Hello Joe,
Thought I would post this before tropical storm Harvey shows up. They are predicting over 14" of rain for Houston.
Have a good day and thanks again!
Best regards, Diane

9:51 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Joe, here is my submission for typing assignment #7
This was excitedly typed as a quick first draft on a 1957 Olympia SM3 with senatorial type that I had picked up that day from Craigslist.

4:40 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Greetings Joe,
In honor of your loaned out Olympia SF, I figured one of those would be perfect for this assignment.

My contribution is here:

Dave C.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Andykev said...

Here is my Typing Assignment #7. Typed on a Smith-Corona Silent.
This was a pretty tough assignment this time.....

6:46 PM  
Blogger DoHaeng Michael Kitchen said...

Hi Joe,

Here's my Typing Assignment #7.

I saw your recommendations for my issues with the 1926 Royal 10 on Facebook. I got hit with the flu and haven't had a chance to go back and fiddle with it yet. I'd love to get that old beauty working. Thanks!


11:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Joe. #7, a rough prose poem done on a Olivetti Lettera 32. Kim's birthday is the today, so I thought it apropos.

Glad to have made the deadline this time. LOL.


5:32 PM  
Blogger TokyoJAM said...

Hi Joe and fellow type travelers.

Here's my No. 7. Thanks once again for sharing the journey.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Kevin Kittle said...

Here is my submission to Typing Assignment #7:

It was typed on an IBM Correcting Selectric II - Green!

8:10 PM  

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