Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Targus Bag & R.I.G. Typing


Errata: 3rd paragraph should read "AlbuQWERTY Type Writer Society;" in my haste to upload I failed to make annotations.

The Rocket fits snuggly in the Targus bag:

A toy typewriter for sale at Rust is Gold:

Their unique parking lot sign:

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Blogger Bill M said...

Good adaptation of a notebook PC bag for the Rocket. That Shure 55Sw might have followed me home.

3:46 AM  
Blogger Mike A. said...

Warning! This may be long...

Wow Joe! Really like your idea of a typewriter social group based on writing creatively and machine maintenance. Might have to push that on Paul down in Bremerton. Heck, if I was closer, I’d be by to participate with your group. Don’t suppose you have a Lear Jet hanging about…

Question for you: Have you ever figured out how to post on the Blogger sites via Safari? Mine used to work great, until it didn’t. Not sure what happened, but is a bit of a pain to write out these responses in “Notes” and then cut and paste them on another platform (Chrome).

As a note, I’d like to say that I really enjoy your posts and YouTube videos. You have been both helpful and entertaining as I pursue this new hobby of mine. Keep ‘em coming.

9:27 AM  

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