Monday, November 25, 2019

Early Thanksgiving

Selfie, Kodak Ektar 127mm on Cameradactyl OG, reversal processed Arista RC grade 2 semi-matte paper
“Early Thanksgiving”

The Cameradactyl OG with Kodak Ektar 127mm F/4.7 lens:

Cameradactyl OG with Kodak Ektar 127mm F/4.7 lens

Rear view showing view screen, 1:1 finder and close-up focusing string:

Cameradactyl OG with Kodak Ektar 127mm F/4.7 lens
The shutter release cable feeds through a hole in the grip. There's also a slot in the grip for a camera strap.

There are three mounting slots for the 1:1 finder, I prefer the middle slot, to reduce parallax error.

The large blue lens mounting ring up front is also the helical focuser. I have lines marked on the focus ring to indicate infinity focus, along with three closer distances, equivalent to three knots tied in the yellow focusing string.

For the self-portrait at the top, I preset the focus ring for the closest position, then placed the first knot of the string against my temple, adjacent to my eye, then stretched the string taught. A 36" shutter release cable permitted me to trigger the shutter from that position. Exposure was metered at ISO 3 + 3 stops, which came to F/5.6 at 1/2 second in bright sun. The direct positive print was processed using the citric acid / hydrogen peroxide method, using the same chemicals I've been using for a few months.

Here's a close-up of the newly acquired Ektar 127mm lens, with the front ring removed to gain access for degreasing and cleaning. I was able to get the speeds back pretty close to normal, but the bulb position still doesn't work; but I can still use a dark slide over the lens while in the preview mode instead.

Kodak Ektar 127mm F/4.7 Shutter

Typecast via Torpedo 18:

Torpedo 18

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Blogger Bill M said...

That is one funky looking camera. I like it. Nice results with the photo.

6:50 AM  
Blogger uomoartificiale said...

Nice shot Joe! and a very nice story about a wonderful time with your family.

6:50 AM  
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