Monday, November 04, 2013

Admiring at a Distance



Post-Script: As I wrote this, earlier today, I was seated at the long, wooden table at Winning Coffee, pencil and composition book at hand, and was reminded of a writer acquaintance of mine, Morgan Ibarra, who recently passed away but could often be found here, at work on his writing, often with an old, black, portable typewriter. He never achieved the recognition he deserved, but his heart was in the right place, as his desire was to write. His novel, Scamming God, can be found on Amazon, check it out, and especially the comments.

Composed on Staples-brand sugar cane pulp composition book using Staedtler norica HB pencil, typecast via Remington Quiet-Riter, photos via Lumix G5.

BONUS: Just because I don't know where to put this photo, and I kind of like it, here's a bonus image, totally unrelated to the subject of today's blog entry (or is it...?).



Blogger Bill M said...

That's a nice Quiet Riter.

I never participate in NaNo either. I do not have the time and I seriously doubt I have the talent.

Your photography comment sounds like my prof. from many years ago: get one good camera and lens and one type of film and learn to use that --- shoot, shoot, and shoot more. I think it was my second or third semester when he allowed more lenses and a change to medium format. Now digital takes a lot of the fun out of photography yet it adds much to it.

Last photo is quite unique.

3:25 AM  
Blogger Rob Bowker said...

I have to admit that it is 99% sloth that keeps the same lens on a camera for me. That leaves 1% for bloody minded puritanism (yep, still do-able on a dslr) but I end up always at the extremes of the range. One month, nothing but 15mm, the next month, 300mm. Sort of makes me yearn for fixed focal length. Maybe I should just fix a manual 50mm on there for a month?

5:14 PM  

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