Friday, September 11, 2015

From the Mountains to the Sea

Wheat Country, eastern Washington State

"From the Mountains to the Sea"

Post-Script: You know you're in coffee country when every little hamlet and shopping center parking lot has a drive-through espresso hut.

We're going to return from Canada and spend more time in the Seattle area, to get a bit more feel for the area. Obviously, a person could spend an entire vacation just here, so we aren't going to nearly exhaust the possibilities, tourism-wise.

Photo along Highway 2 in central Washington via Fujifilm X10; typecast via Hermes Rocket.


Blogger x over it said...

All those espresso huts amused me to no end when I moved out here! And the Seattle traffic irritated me to a similar extent.

The US-2 drive is lovely, I just did it a few months ago. And probably a lot of what you're about to. :) Another recommendation would be the Sea to Sky Highway, which certainly would give you plenty of water to look at, at ground level but usually also in the air.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

Ahh, great photo of the neat snake oil sign. The weather must be fabulous - enjoy the 51st state! :D

8:52 AM  

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