Monday, November 18, 2013

Progress Made



Post-Script: That's Ken up on the cherry picker, waving back at me. His crew did a professional job, including cleanup, for a reasonable price.

(1) Link to my previous tree-related blog article here.

Here's a link to Ilford's website, where you can find information on Harman Direct Positive Paper.

Here's Freestyle Photo's website link to Harman Direct Positive Paper. They sell it in many sizes, from 4" x 5" to large rolls.

Typecast via Remington Quiet-Riter, top photo via Lumix G5.

Bonus Photo: Two of the direct positive prints of my grand daughter's dollie:




Blogger Bill M said...

I fully understand the lack of birds when trees are gone. There were 3 houses near where I live. After we lived here about 5 years houses grew like weeds. There are a few wooded lots left, but no where near the number of birds.

I love Ilford papers. That Anniversary is a great camera. I used to have a plain Speed Graphic and traded it for a view camera, I since have gotten a Burke and James 4 x 5 press camera. Not as nice as the Graflex, no roll film back and a Graflex is just enough different it won't fit. One day I may make one.

The doll and piano are a nice keepsake.

2:53 AM  

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