Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Type Texting & Corona Standard



Post-Script: Here's the link to this episode of my Typewriter Video Series:

There are some obvious genetic similarities shared with my older Corona 4, especially around the carriage area. Yet this machine feels so much more solid, and has a much smoother, more elegant feel to its typing action. It's not as tall as my Underwood Universal from the same era, and the key travel is shorter, making, for my hands, a better typing action. So while I'm amazed at the condition of the machine, especially that of the shiny finish and gold decals (and the glass key tops are essentially in brand-new condition, like they've traveled via time machine from 1937), the fact that I can easily touch-type on this machine is what's most astounding. Even that perennial problem "a" letter, that I'm often miss-striking with my left hand pinkie finger on many other machines, seems easier to work on this wonderful machine.

The funny thing about finding this Corona is that I haven't had the itch for a new typewriter, being content with my current stable, and so have avoided thrift and antique stores, and rarely peruse Craigslist. But on Sunday I did happen to search Craigslist for typewriters, just out of curiosity, since in the past I typically only see broken plastic daisy wheel wedges from the 1980s, or rust bucket typewriters that have been in the weather for half a century.

Here are several more glamour shots of the newcomer. Don't know if I'll name her, but I've already determined its gender.


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Blogger Unknown said...

I've been "Type texting" with my children and grandchildren for several years. My grown children enjoy the missives but do not reply in kind while the grandkids love it and will type on pictures that they've drawn and colored. They also look forward to receiving hard copies via the USPS with as many old stamps as I can find. And, yes, each (ages 5, 6, 7 and 9) have their very own typewriter.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Joe V said...

@Sam: Wonderful!

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Michael H. Gerloff said...

What a beautiful typewriter, really classy.

I do the type2email thing from time to time when I have the feeling that an important letter to a dear person should arrive as soon as possible. And should show by being typed that it is of more importance than just an email or text message. (I do this with handwritten letters from time to time, too).
But normally I prefer the good old post way, with special paper, decorated envelope and a nice stamp. And it is funny how fast I forgot the question if it is okay to send a typed letter or if this seems to be an unpersonal way. Choosing to correct mistakes with the x or a pencil afterwards, I think the letter gets a personal and individual touch even if it is written on a machine. And to choose the "right one" for the letter before typing is also a kind of referring to the receiver (I often mention the machine and why I have chosen it).

1:10 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

Hey, your audience is widening (:

The type-texting is an excellent idea. If only one had time to type. I caught up on your videos tho - wow, up to #25 already - you're a multimedia machine!

Also, re: #25, 10 machines is a nice round number - and it's not like you have a better use for that trunk :D

11:03 PM  

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