Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Munk's Tape Dispenser Meme & More


Post-Script: Here's the link to Rev. Ted's tape dispenser blog article. Alas, my Brother Charger 11 doesn't exactly match the color of the 3M Model C-15 dispenser. Does this mean I should immediately run out to the nearest thrift store and look for another typewriter? No, but I like the way you're thinking.

Here's Mike Clemens' blog article from 2009 (I had the date wrong in my typecast above) on what he calls "colorcasting." Not to be outdone, here's Strikethru's article about colorcasting at Starbucks. And here's Little Flower Petals' colorcasting article. And here are some of my own blog articles from that same time period on colorcasting and aluminum foil typecasting. Wasn't that a great time in the formative years of the Typosphere? Thank you, Ted, for reviving our spirits a bit.

I was surprised by my dear wife's reaction to my suggestion that those plastic tape cores might serve as napkin rings. She's normally very sensitive to clutter and junk (an intrinsic problem when married to a packrat such as myself), but she suggested I decorate these cores with colorful adhesive tape, and collect eight of them for our formal dinner service. I should check if she's running a fever...

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Blogger Ted said...

Heh, amusing fact: the guy that designed my 1940's DD-1 also designed your 1970's C-15:

One thing I've been pondering a bit lately is how social media fits in with my own blogging, and like you, I view my blog as a fairly permanent and relatively organized diary of my doings and (at least the not-too-deep) thinkings while I view Facebook as a fairly simple way to test out post ideas that *might* become posts (the tape dispenser got a good reaction on FB hours before I re-did it on my blog), and it's a great way to market things and ideas to a pretty large audience that isn't basically your own posse (which the Typosphere kind of is). It is absolutely ephemeral - posts will vanish in minutes if they don't garner any attention, and few last much longer than a day or two, but that's fine, for what it is.

You really should utilize it at some point soon. It's fairly useful now, but time is a mover and who knows how long Social media will be relevant? (:

3:26 PM  
Blogger Bill M said...

Those are some fine articles from the past. I doubt that anything past can be easily found on FB. I do not do any social media. I find little utility in it. Blogging is fun and much longer lasting, I hope.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Walter said...

I have been assessing these very ideas on the heels of TIME MAGAZINE's cover story about Snapchat. Replacing ink is a bit more difficult than first perceived. Thanks Joe! ~TH~

7:38 PM  

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