Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Physical and the Ephemeral

Lumix G5 via Simply B&W in iPad2 "Wall & Gate," Lumix G5, processed in Simply B&W on iPad

Typecast090 Lumix G5 via Simply B&W on iPad2 "Three Doors," Lumix G5, processed in Simply B&W on iPad

Typecast091 Chair001a "Chair," Harman DPP in Holga 120GN (Exposure = 8 seconds)

Typecast092 Andrea001a "Andrea," Harman DPP in Holga 120GN (Exposure = 5.5 seconds)

Obselidia the movie.

Typecast via Underwood Universal onto laser printer paper, scanned a bit dark to include the paper texture and evidence of correction tape.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Silent Witness

Lumix G5 via Simply B&W in iPad2


Lumix G5 via Simply B&W in iPad2


Lumix G5 via Simply B&W in iPad2


Lumix G5 via Simply B&W in iPad2

Lumix G5 via Simply B&W in iPad2

Lumix G5 via Simply B&W in iPad2

Friday, December 21, 2012

ABQ Cigar Store Type-In

















All told, there were four of us who actually typed, myself, my friend Hunter, another friend who had sold me a Lettera 22 (he used to be a typewriter repairman, years ago), and a lady who typed a rather dark verse about shooting at her husband and hitting the freezer instead (and who took her typing with her - she indicated it was rather therapeutic, and that she'd be interested in a typewriter). I also had typed another piece about the sign in the lounge area that reminds us to abstain from "colorful language," but the owner thought it rather good and kept the piece for herself. Of course, typos and spelling errors are in abundance, as is the usual with manual typings.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Joyful Postal Season





No, I'm not really a Christmas Scrooge, just merely slightly over-marketed and disillusioned, to the point that the core spiritual truth behind Christmas - that of God who came to earth as a man, to die for His creation's sins - remains the one lasting and true value.

I must confess that this is the second year in a row that I have exploited the yard ornamentation of a homeowner in our neighborhood for photographic purposes, a family that we do not personally know except by the moniker of "The Rednecks." That's probably a bit too uncivil and inappropriate for the spirit of this holiday, and so next year I must make a more concerted effort to venture forth further afield for photographic subject matter to exploit for prurient interests.

To their credit, however, The Rednecks already had their inflatable lawn ornaments fully distended well before anyone else in the neighborhood, else I would have sought photographic solace elsewhere.

Typecast via Royal Futura upon thrift store-found genuine typing paper, images via Lumix G5.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Royal Futura 800

P1020642a Typecast076  
Post-Script: The platen is a bit hard and shiny, but the feed rollers appear to hold the paper tight enough so as not to slip at the bottom of the page, even when tugging at the paper; this is one of the first things I checked at the antique store prior to purchase. It will need more cleaning and a bit of work around the ribbon vibrator, along with a fresh ribbon.

I really like this font style, not entirely futuristic but merely subtly modernistic, would make a good science fiction-writing font.

P1020640a This is the brown leather case, with green garden hose handle. The case is in quite good condition, and also came with the key (that was found trapped inside the typewriter's mechanism). The machine also came with a clear vinyl cover that reads "Futura 800," along with the thick felt typing pad that you can see under the case.

P1020643a And this is the Solari brand, pica-sized typing gauge, which was in the case with the elite-font Futura typewriter. The label reads "Solari Manufacturing Co., Los Angeles, California". The near edge reads "PICA TYPE WRITER SPACES AND INCHES," while the rear edge reads "PICA SINGLE SPACE TYPEWRITER LINES". The raised tab with the "Pica" logo has a small hole for mounting the gauge on a string or nail.