Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Joe Show?


Post-Script: See the screen shot in the top photo? That's from a frame grab of a VHS tape compilation of The Joe Show, circa 1991. Was I actually wearing a salmon-colored shirt? And what's the deal with that funky hat? And those glasses ... I've seen better looking safety goggles. Boy do I remember that old couch. I think it was from Country Dan's. Massive wooden construction. Country-motif pictorial illustrations on the cushions - that never stayed put, always slid down and fell behind the back frame of the couch (notice the cushion behind me has already slipped down) and had to be continually adjusted. I was also a lot skinnier back then; so was everyone.

Here's more Joe Show goodness. First one of the intro graphics. My old Canon Hi8 camcorder had a feature called "matte," permitting you to take a matte shot of something, in this case hand-written titles, and overlay them, in a selection of colors, atop live video. Here the background was a Christmas greeting card.


Next is from a different episode, me in a different shirt and hat (what the heck's the deal with the hat? And why does it look too small?) with my friend Bob, a co-conspirator. Notice the handheld microphone, which I still have to this day.


These next two frames are from a little "drama" I made, some Z-grade spy drama that was really an exercise in montage and editing, using my then-newly-acquired JVC editing VCR. Note my newer JVC is what I'm using to play back the tape; it was purchased in 2001 and is still like new. These two shots are of my Smith-Corona 100 daisy wheel electronic typewriter. This clip is historically my very first typewriter video.

Watching a handful of these old productions was a bit painful, not only for how dorky I looked back then, but the production values were pretty low. Kind of like a bad SNL skit, absent the talent. Perhaps I'll get one transferred and uploaded to YouTube, for all to enjoy.

Semi-nongratuitous plug to my YouTube Channel, in case you haven't yet visited.

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Blogger Bill M said...

I enjoy your typewriter videos. I hope you upload a few of the Joe Show.

7:46 PM  
Blogger TomR said...

Pictures/videos of what we were like 20 years ago can be sobering indeed. We were all thinner/had more hair/wore funny hats. But that was who we were 20 years ago, not who we are today. Nothing is frozen in time (neither us nor our technology), and that's probably a good thing. I think.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

The habit of videomaking I would assume is like the habit of writing - once you find your pace, it's difficult to run out of topics. I believe you certainly should branch out into more mechanical, physical things - cameras, pens, radios, etc.. It's not the *things* really, it's your insight and ponderings on the thing and its meaning in your life.

and again, I'll encourage you to hit that "monetize" button. It's coffee money, but it does help incentivize the process, if for no other reason than you are getting a tangible reward for your effort occasionally. Google holds your money till you get up to a certain amount, so depending on your earnings, you could see a check every few months - still, it rewards you for your passion and I find it to be motivational and useful feedback, myself.

7:43 AM  

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