Friday, January 05, 2024

Kid's Camera Invades Adult Party

The Camera in all its glory

I'm old enough to remember when all photography, and media in general, were "analog" or physically embodied. So it continues to startle me when younger people are so excited to see physical prints in-hand, even if said prints are crappier in quality than the worst halftone newspaper photos.

Yes, there are "better" instant photographs, like Fujifilm Instax and the "new" Polaroids, but those are rather expensive, over a dollar per shot in some cases, whereas these little thermal prints are literally pennies per print.

I mentioned to some people at the party that clear, 2-inch-wide packing tape works well as a Poor Man's lamination method for these prints. Which subsequently had me thinking that I should've brought some along for the ride.

For the group shots, I made extra prints so everyone would have a copy, which is a nice feature of this camera.

People have asked me for an online link to this camera; it was a gift from friend Gregory Short, however I think he got these from Ali Express, and I know that Amazon also sells many versions of these thermal-printing cameras, so look there if you're interested.

Typecast via Canon Typestar 220 (I think these are the darkest printing of all the thermal typewriters I've tried). I pasted these thermal prints onto the Brother letter-sized thermal paper via an Uhu glue stick.

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