Sunday, April 28, 2024

Rio Rancho Type-In!

Lomo Colorado Library in Rio Rancho

Amongst the standout machines on display was this folding Hammond, brought by Bill Tefft:

We were also impressed with this Smith Premier No.10, with a business-oriented upper keyboard, while the lower keyboard are caps; there are four separate tabulator keys to the right:

Kevin brought this Olivetti 660C typebar electric, that was popular with many people, due to its ease of use:

My Corona Standard is an ever-popular machine, especially decked out with its candelabra:

I haven't brought this QWERTZ Triumph Norm 6 to a Type-In for several years, it was rather popular:

Another QWERTZ machine that's been absent is this Voss Modell 50, salvaged from John Lewis's back room and outfitted with a makeshift wooden ribbon cover that looks nothing like the original two-tiered bakelit version, but serves its purpose well enough:

I wanted to bring at least one standard machine, so this nice 1920 Underwood 5, a gift from Ted Munk, served well. The right front rubber foot fell off in my car, which I didn't find until today, so we propped up the corner with the gray typing mat. Time to order new feets from Anthony Villopi of Type Space:

Finally, here's a collage of typed work, culled from the leftover sheets after the event:

A big thanks to the staff at the Lomo Colorado Library in Rio Rancho, and especially to Matthew, Bill, Kevin and our special out-of-town guests, Ron & Susan.