Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Personal Photographic Reassessment in Four Parts

Yours Truly, circa 1980s

The Faked UFO Picture, circa early 1970s

From Joe's Darkroom, circa 1990s

Improvised Lens Projected onto Paper Negative, circa 2008

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Photo Safari Afternoon

"Entrance": Behind Winning Coffee, after having drank a cup.

"Only": In the alley behind Saggio's Pizza.

"Rant": Behind Saggio's Pizza, a familiar photography subject of mine.

"No": The alley behind the US Post Office.

"Pairs": During my walk down Silver Ave. from where I parked are many subtle, elusive images.

"Chair": Another student rental house near UNM.

"Trio": These overtly numbered trash containers I've eyed for a while; they take on various appearances depending on the light.

"Angela": And Charles. I spotted their "tag" in numerous locations up and down Silver Ave.

"Porch": This two-story rental keeps asking to be captured photographically.

"Welcome": A daycare center just down the street from Winning Coffee.

"Tips": In Winning Coffee was this music case. But no musician. Hmm...

"DOT": This gentleman I've talked with several times. He has a long, rambling story about his motorscooter. And he likes to feed the pigeons.

"Kerry": Every ashtray on the patio tables at Winning's are unique.

"Alarmed": In the alley adjacent to a Chinese restaraunt.

(All images captured with Lumix G1, 20mm-f/1.7 lens, developed in SilkyPix from RAW)

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Tale of Two Rivers

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Photo Album

"St. Francis"

I was scheduled to work my normal shift at the computer chip factory on Christmas Day, but got a kind soul to cover for me, so that I could accompany my family to Santa Fe and visit with my mother-in-law. I returned with some images captured on the Golden Half (but not yet processed), and also this assortment captured on the Lumix G1, using the 20mm-f/1.7 lens. Images processed from RAW files in SilkyPix. Enjoy.

"Winter Sun":












Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Conversation With Lance

Lance, captured via the Golden Half camera and Ilford's XP2

Lance, on a warmer day in early November

Scooters and motorcycles parked alongside Winning Coffee

Our original conversation was documented in this blog post.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Words, Pictures and Symbols

I've had a fascination for a while with letters and words appearing in photographs. As if the literal meaning of systems of writing could suddenly be apprehended and reappropriated as graphical imagery, taking on new meanings.

I have this same sense when doing typecasting, where written words become agglomerations of pixels within JPEG images; as if the writing is no longer actual writing, but some visual simulation thereof.

And but so, as I was editing a series of photos I captured yesterday, it suddenly struck me that all the images which I favored incorporate letters, written symbols or otherwise writing within them. Part of this has to do with the nature of the urban sprawl around UNM where I was on the prowl for imagery; but I think there's something else at work here, my mind seeming to be unconsciously attracted to writing in a visual dynamic that I don't really understand. Perhaps it operates on the same level as mere pictorial cliche, like another sunset among countless sunset images; I do know there are subtle but evident puns in the juxtaposition of letters within these images, so maybe I'm just lurking for simple puns.

But anyways, enjoy these images. All were captured on my Lumix G1, 20mm-F/1.7 lens, shot in RAW and developed in SilkyPix.