Sunday, March 20, 2022

Royal Mercury Platen Replacement

Royal Mercury
Royal Mercury Platen Replacement

Removing and installing the platen was easier than expected - once I was able to loosen the left platen knob via a set of rubber strap wrenches, that is! I have Ted Munk to thank for sending me a page out of the service manual where it illustrates how to remove the platen:

I've yet to do any upgrades to the sound insulation inside the body panels, something that Ted has shown us how to do with his Brother project machine, but it should make this machine even quieter in use.

As for which ultra-portable in my collection is my favorite, perhaps that'll be the subject of another video. I still need to do more typing on this machine, and it also needs a darker ribbon, so I need to get an order placed (perhaps I'll get a bulk roll from Baco Ribbon Supply!). The favorite ultra-portable competition in my collection is between the Groma Kolibri, the Olympia Splendid 33 and this Mercury.

Here's Episode 300 of the Typewriter Video Series, about this project: