Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Curb Couches

Curb Couches
Blog 29 November 2022, page 1/2
Road Trip Photo
Free couch at the Delaware Hotel, Leadville, CO

Blog 29 November 2022, part 2/2
Carport couches, a variation on curb couches.

Typecast via Hermes 3000 the middle child version.

Typed onto newsprint paper:

Saturday, November 26, 2022

A Personal Kind of Archeology

Quarai Ruins
Quairai Ruins, photographed June, 1981

Antiqely Antiquish, circa 1981
Blog 26 November 2022, page 1/2
Blog 26 November 2022, page 2/2

There are a number of poems from this post-Navy era of the early 1980s in my archives, that deal with dreamlike images involving the environs of the Sandia and Manzano mountains. It must have been some psychological impact from having been transplanted back home, after six years of roaming the high seas on an aircraft carrier. A change of mind, a change of place, becoming rooted once again into the ancient hills. This poem is both enigmatic and symbolic, as is the ongoing mystery of secrecy surrounding the Base that adjoins my hometown, with its urban legends of things built deep underground best left unmentioned. Like the best kinds of mysteries, we want both resolution and the ongoing sense that some things will never be known in full.

Typecast via Olivetti Studio 45