Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Write Fully So

brother SX-4000
There's something slightly furtive about the idea of sitting in bed with an electronic typewriter

This is also a typewriter

Here's the letter stamping kit. I made the shallow cardboard boxes as a way to contain the blocks in alphabetic order while also being easy to remove individual blocks. I secure them together with a rubber band prior to storing in their original clear plastic containers. After stamping I rubber band them into a bundle and clean the ink off their rubbery letters with a paper towel and bit of degreaser, before putting away, ready for their next stamping session.

Even though these stamp die are rubber, I've seen other sets online with wooden and metal die. I might try one of those also.

Here are several more examples of stamped letterwork I've made with this letter kit:

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Creepy Barber Head, or Another Handmade Camera Project!

Creepy Barber Head
"Creepy Barber Head" paper negative image

Shoe Box Camera
The Camera Itself

Enjoy this video about making and testing the camera:

Saturday, March 18, 2023

The Experiment Continues

Guild Entrance
The Guild's iconic marquee

Experiment 1
Keif Henley
Guild Cinema head-honcho Keif Henley


Experiment 7
Basement Film's next show is Experiments in Cinema

Board Game Store
Nob Hill on ABQ's former Route 66 is a high-rent district, and so it amazes me that stores like a board gaming gallery can stay in business. Here we see gamers having fun on a Friday night

Experiment 2
Experiment 3
Experiment 5
Experiment 4
Experiment 6

Friday, March 17, 2023

Working the Robo-Clackers

brother SX-4000
Stardate Page One
Stardate Page Two
Sears SR1000
Stardate Page Three

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter

Pushing Daisies Page One
Pushing Daisies Page Two
Pushing Daisies Page Three
Setting Up The Brother
Alternative Pitches

Here's my video about the Brother SX-4000:

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Found Wisdom from the Type-In


Sometimes you get more than you expected. This has been the case after every Type-In event. One of the things I look forward to, after all the people have left and it's just us few left to box up our typewriters, are the detritus of the Type-In, scraps of paper left over, with mostly anonymous typings, glimpses from deep inside the psyche of individuals we otherwise know nothing about.

Never assume these are mere random words on paper. People connected to typewriters via fingers and keys have unusual properties. People aren't sure what to type, so the first thing off the top of their mind gets impressed as ink into paper. Often they don't even know the significance of what they've written, they're just discarded, for us to find at the end.

My wife Andrea made the first edit, from the piles of paper picked up from off the tables or left in the machines. Then I did more culling, looking for the juicy bits, that seem to speak deeper than mere random words to paper.

Here are just a few samples, taken from the Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In that was held yesterday, March 11, at the Special Collections Library. Enjoy.

Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In Found Wisdom
Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In Found Wisdom
Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In Found Wisdom
Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In Found Wisdom
Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In Found Wisdom
Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In Found Wisdom
Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In Found Wisdom
Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In Found Wisdom
Spring 2023 ABQ Type-In Found Wisdom

Here's a video synopsis from the event:

Friday, March 10, 2023

Type-In Prep

Type In Prep 1
Type In Prep 2

Here's a link to the ABQ Journal article.

I spent most of today getting final preparations made for tomorrow's event, but in the process was able to make this video:

Knowing how busy I am at these events, I'll be luck to shoot any video during the Type-In, but if I do, I'll post a video and also a follow-up article here. See you at the Type-In!